Emily Burns

JD is an amazing realtor.

Most people can agree that buying your first home is an inherently stressful experience. There’s so many new questions and concerns that you as a buyer have to contend with… What I loved about working with JD, and why he is the only realtor that I’ll ever use, is his ability to take the stress out of those situations. He listens, he follows up, and he takes care of what’s most important to you.

Hari Singh – 2/10/15

I requested for JD to let me write a review of his service.

I had a fairly complicated transaction for selling the home that I lived in and then purchasing a new home as its replacement.
JD provided excellent service throughout both of the transactions.

As you can imagine in this day and age there are a lot of specific details that are involved in both buying and selling real estate in today’s environment and JD provided all the answers that were needed in a timely matter.

In closing, if you are thinking of either purchasing or selling real estate, you want JD to represent you.